Friday, January 21, 2011

minor alterations only...

Well, I’m trying to come up with something catchy to call this pattern of the month thing -
Serial Stuff
Monthly Mentor
Blueprint Knitting
Knit & Learn Monthly (yikes!)
Recipes for MKers
- it reminded me of the time I bought a coat because it had my initials on the tag - really! It actually had ‘MAO’ on a printed-up tag hanging from the sleeve - I thought it was a sign from the style gods that this coat was made for me -  later found out that MAO stood for ‘Minor Alterations Only’ - I still liked it though!

Anyway, we are about to post the new ‘pattern of the month’ series and I thought I’d explain what you would be signing up for. Each month will feature a new pattern in the usual MAO style along with a mini-article pertaining to the pattern and techniques. Patterns will be in 5 sizes, ranging from finished bust 36/38 to 48/50 in. and of course, you get all 5 sizes. The format will be similar to what was used in KNITWORDS magazine, without the space restriction, so: few abbreviations, lots of extra tips and techniques, explained as you go, great professional photos, schematics and stitch charts if necessary, set out in a pdf file for you to print out yourself, sent to you by email. Designaknit stitch files will be included in the email if applicable.
There are two different series, one for mid gauge machine knitters and one for standard gauge machine knitters. The cost of our 3 month trial offer is $15 for each series which means you will get one pattern/article per month for the next 3 months for whichever series you choose - you can purchase both - it’s a different garment/pattern/article for each machine.
The patterns will be available as individual patterns for $7 each, emailed, or the option of a cd of the pdf mailed to you for $8 each. All of these options will be available on our website, through PayPal.

Update on the tiger top - I soaked it in a vinegar solution - about 1 C vinegar to 2 gal. water, let it sit for a bit and then washed it in ‘Eucalan’. Some colour came out in the first part, but not a lot and the water was clear in the washing. I put buttons on it and modelled it for my seamstress girlfriend - she thought it was wonderful, so I took it along to Bill’s when I went to get my photos done for ‘In the Tweeds’ and ‘Sophisticate’ for the POM.


FiberGeek said...

I would love to see some sort of combo pricing if you get both the mid gauge and standard pattern of the month.

Petra said...

How about "Oger's Offerings"? ;-)

Cindy from NJ said...

How about "MAO for Machine Addicts Only?" (ha, ha!)

I'd also like to see combo pricing rather than having to choose between standard and mid-gauge editions. I was a dedicated Knitwords subscriber, and had (easily) convinced two friends to subscribe within the last year of publication. I miss this great magazine already, and look forward to this new monthly offering!

I wish you success in your new endeavor!

Kathy said...

I would also be interested in both the midgauge and the standard patterns, so a package price would be great.
Would you also consider including both the DAK shape and stitch pattern files? It would be helpful for us to use up some of those cones in our stash.

Jeannie said...
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Jeannie said...

By the way, the tiger striping looks great with your coloring!

TracyKM said...

I also think a combo deal would be great! And one more idea, if it's not too late...include a printer friendly version. The bare bones, with a comment like "See expanded pattern for details here" so we can remember that there are more details, but don't have to print out every little bit (esp. pictures).