Thursday, January 5, 2012

a new pattern-of-the-month...

I have a new standard gauge set of designs for the pattern-of-the-month. The subscription means that you pay $25 in advance (one time) and then each month for the next 3 months (January, February March) you will get the new pattern with the techniques article emailed to you in pdf format. The subscription can be purchased now and the first pattern will be emailed on the 15th of the month. It’s easy to purchase from our website, (go to - refresh your browser if it doesn’t come up right after the opening page). You can use Paypal OR visa or mastercard through Paypal.
If that doesn’t work for you, you can send a check/cheque or money order, along with the order form (found at the bottom of the bookstore/back issues page - click on the appropriate icon and print out the order form, make sure to provide your correct email address, and write in NEW POM, please).
The pattern for January is a raglan cardy (A-line) with lots of options - a really cute collar/neckline with buttoned closing at neck only (optional of course!), opposing facings (inside or outside) instead of bands for the fronts which takes away the ‘sweater’ look and 2 sizing/fitting options - one for ‘busty’ gals like me and the other for less ‘gifted’ figures. The accompanying article has lots of techniques for raglan decreases. I’ve made mine using Forsell 4 ply Pure New Wool - check out . - they still have some colours or Yeoman Yarns Sport from or  can be used.
For February, the pattern will be a lace cardigan with vertical shawl collar - my take on something I saw on a tv show (see blog, July 24/11, ideas, ideas...).
The March pattern will be a double bed design, a simpler version of ‘Granville’ (see blog, Granville, Sep 27/11 and before and after).
Hope you like them - keep checking back here for more updates!

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Irisha said...

Hello Mary Anne!
When I was attending your classes in Portland, OR last summer, I asked what sewing pattern do you prefer when it comes to making patterns for knitted garments. Would you be so kind to remind me the brand? I think it would be a good topic for all of us - how to choose and adjust your pattern.
Another question that I have.
I acquired Knitleader-116 for my Brother 260/260. Made a swatch and... froze. How do I figure out tension swatch measuring for bulky machine, instead of standard?
Maybe in your future posts you could quickly (or not) outline the procedure.

Thank you,