Friday, July 20, 2012

blame it on the weather?

It’s been too hot here for too long and I’m not used to that… Or do I just have too much time on my hands? Whatever… I have just finished my next KnS project for the third time…Third time? You say. Yeah, third time and I’m packaging it up right now and sending it off before I have time to change my mind again. Sheesh, this never used to happen. 
But I did learn a few things – the best way to make a buttonhole in a single layer fabric – you’ll see when the pattern comes out – I feel absolutely brilliant – no sewing, no pick-ups, no tails to darn in.
 – when you need to add a new ball of yarn, move the carriage to the other side and start it there so the tails are on opposite sides – if it’s a sleeve, this is like making yarn marks for aligning the seam (good stuff) and if it’s a cardigan front, having the tails at either side means weaving them in at either side instead of having two tails to get rid of in the same place.
I also learned that there is no point in trying to use the garter bar to make half a row of garter stitch – I won’t explain that because it’s just makes more work, trust me... and I learned there is no point trying to have straight hair in this weather…

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Lynn said...

Mary Anne - You always have so many interesting techniques! I can't wait to see this new one!!