Wednesday, August 21, 2013

perfect pockets

You can call me anal (not really); you can call me a perfectionist… (ha! ha! I’ve already fessed up to too many screw-ups for that to apply!)
As you can see, I got the back done as planned – got the bands done too – I’m loving this!
Now, the pockets. I decided that I’d like the pockets to be the same pattern (white background) as the back – that way, from the front you can see all three patterns – makes sense to me anyway so that’s what I’m doing.
Now, I have to say, I’m so glad there’s this blog to look back at because my memory is not what it used to be. Remember (you probably don't) those great patch pockets I did way back when (March 4, 2011) where I used a chained cast-on to make a perfect edge – I’m thinking that’s going to work here too and I know where to find it almost immediately!
So, yes it did work, but darn, I don’t like those 2 extra rows at the top (the one on the top right) that don’t give a complete pattern repeat. Answer, just stop 2 rows earlier! And, there must be some way to get rid of those little pokey white stitches at the edges… I tried just wrapping the second colour on the end needle instead of bringing it out which causes the end needle to knit in the second (black) colour…wrong answer - that was just too much extra work and same thing happened! Third try, nailed it!
Sonofagun, all I did was ‘edit’ my swatch for the stitch pattern and make sure every end stitch was black – two reasons: first when you’re hanging the chain, it’s black, so the end stitch that you’re putting in behind should be black, right? and when knitting fairisle on the Silver Reed we are used to pulling out the end needle at the beginning of the row so both colours go right to the edge, so by making the edge stitch black, it will knit back in black anyway and eliminate those little white half stitches!!!
You could just call me dumb…after all, it took me three try’s – I prefer to think of it as persistent but, you know, this is my boondoggle – what else do I have to do?
P.S. If you don’t have DAK, just pull both end needles out every row which will have the same effect! And, one last thing, I’ll wash and dry the garment and the pockets and then block everything and then stitch the pockets in place…


Mary Lowe said...

very helpful and interesting Mary Anne
Thank you

Marg Coe said...

Love this project Mary Anne. The pockets I would do in a solid color. My choice would be the dark versus light to work in with your sleeve button casing and trim on the sweater. Just saying!


Kieu Dung said...

If you need increase or decrease the edge-stitches when you are knitting with punchcard.
Is there wrong with selected-needles?Did you use L-point cam for knitting machine?