Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DAQs, OPPs and more

You know how I love acronyms…
Got back from San Diego and thought I’d give you the rundown or maybe it’s the low down on how it went. It’s been a while since I was out there but it was nice to see familiar faces and fun to meet some new ones. I did a two day workshop for the guild - they have a set up with a closed circuit camera that shows the action on a large screen behind me and I’m rigged out with a microphone that has a battery pack that fits in a pocket (if you have one) and then the mic clamps onto your collar (if you have one) – usually works fine, except that I kind of do a fashion show throughout the day so the mic got tangled, screeched and was thrown about many times – all in good fun!
I got inspired – Valery, a beginner mk-er, brought in some earflap hats that she’s been making and dressing up various ways – she described how to make a ‘minion’ version – you know, from the ‘Despicable Me’ movie – I took my little kiddos to see #2 and I think they would love them, so that's on my to-do list – hope I get them done for Christmas! – that list is quite long and growing!!
Someone had brought a very tasty pumpkin square for the potluck snack fest – I loved them and  asked for the recipe – the baker reluctantly admitted they came from a box mix sold at Wal-Mart…but they were good!
As the second day draws to a close and everyone gets more comfortable – they get used to me and I’m getting to know them - I throw caution to the wind and turn off the filter! After I finish giving a detailed description of the techniques in a particular pattern of mine, someone asks ‘And is that all given in the pattern?’
I answer sarcastically, ‘of course not, but I’ll be home before you look at it!’ and then add, ‘That’s your last DAQ of the day!’

DET – double eye tool
DAQ – dumb ass question
FAQ – frequently asked question
MAO – Mary Anne Oger
OPP – other person’s pattern


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