Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All the best for 2014!

I did get my Christmas knitting done! or at least the most important one. Here’s Rhiana on Christmas day with her doll and my outfits. She loved them - not sure whether the doll cared or not! Forgive me the poor photo - I got a new ipad mini for Christmas and obviously need more practise with it!
Anyway, what I did was a basic re-make of ‘Red Riding Ruffles’ from KW#52, Spring 2010 (at right) – I always liked that hoodie and she did too, -in fact I was able to lengthen the sleeves for her to get a bit more mileage out of it – that was easy, because the sleeve was knit down so it was a simple thing of opening the sleeve seam long enough to rehang the cuff edge and add another 2 inches – and she wore it until earlier this year - I think her Mom had to finally take it away!
This yarn was slightly lighter/thinner – Sirdar Crofter Baby Fairisle Effect DK, 50g/179 yds – I picked it because of the colour (0150), so totally her and also, when I was at the store, because it has a suggested gauge of 22 sts to 4 in/10 cm, I thought I might be able to make it on the standard gauge. But, after swatching at T10 on the 4.5mm gauge machine, I thought the fabric was quite firm and I knew it would take a lot more yardage than with a gauge of 22 sts. So, back to plan B – mid gauge which was what my original design was. I did have to re-gauge, but I use the knit radar/KR10/11 so no big deal and I wanted to add shortrowed gores to it, more like my ‘Swing Jacket’ from KnS#188 – I knew I wouldn’t find a doll zipper so was already planning on using buttons and the bands from the swing jacket.
I added 7 gores, from the underarm point to hem (hold 20 sts, KWK, 3X; return 20 sts, KWK, 2X – 10 rows total at bottom edge), at  middle of fronts, side seams, middle of half of backs and centre back. Rhiana will be 7 yrs old in March and on the slim side, so I used the size 8 for length but used the size 4 for the chest and sleeve widths. For the doll, I had the old Michael’s 18 inch doll that I had bought to use as a model for the magazine and I measured it up and made a pretty close  version in that it was sideways with the gores and same style sleeve and hoodie that had to fit the doll’s head – I think it turned out pretty good – I made lots of notes so I could write it up if anyone was interested…7 balls and I have a small swatch leftover!

I’m off on holiday – talk to you again in 2 weeks or so!

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