Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a little upset here...

I was watching my new favourite show, ‘Call the Midwife’ on Netflix – I like it so much, I got the book from the library and am reading it along with watching an episode or two (okay, or three) per night and am loving both of them – the book fills in what you miss on the actual show, so I like that. Anyway, not to spoil things, but it’s nice to see actual knitting going on in the show, the two needle kind, mostly by Sister Monica Joan – you might say, she’s my favourite character, but I do really love them all! Maybe the lead character, Jenny Lee seems like she’s a bit stuffy and uptight, but she’s the author of the book and she really is.
So, I’m getting toward the end of the second season and they’re trying to give Sister Monica Joan a bit of a make-work project and she’s supposed to be knitting squares to be sewn into either baby blankets or an afghan. There’s a scene with Trixie and Jenny working the two needles, supposedly helping to knit more squares and then, oh so disappointing – they are sewing together CROCHETED granny squares!!! Wow! hard to believe BBC has no one on staff or even that any of the cast didn’t see this major faux pas!

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steel breeze said...

One of the program writers was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 a few days after it aired in the UK and she did apologise after they got a lot of complaints about it. Yup, lots of people noticed!