Tuesday, June 30, 2015

newest must-have accessory for mk-ers...

I was sitting here last night, about 7:30,  watching 'The Fall' (really good BBC program) on Netflix and the power went out. Do you realize how many things you cannot do when there is no power? Back in the day, you could at least phone in and see what the problem is or report it but not now...phone doesn't even work and I don't have a cell phone. Couldn't make a cup of tea...it wasn't really storming, just a bit of rain but was sort of dark-ish, too dark to read, too early to go to bed...I played a bit of Candy Crush on my ipad mini but got to the end of that level and I have to wait 24 hours for the next one...oh, I know, I don't need power to knit! Went to my machine and figured I could make the bands for the watermelon hoodie.
Well, couldn't really see good enough for picking up...then I remembered! I have sister Janet's headlamp in my backpack! I didn't really steal it, it was just there when I got home from Europe and she probably hasn't even missed it. I strap it on my forehead and wow, this is brilliant! Heh-heh, no pun intended! :-) You can adjust the angle of the light and it points right where you're working! Why didn't I think of this when I was making that navy one? Got 2 bands done before the lights came back on! and there wasn't anyone here to see how ridiculous I looked!;))

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Anonymous said...

You might have just solved my problem. Moved my machine recently to a dark corner of the spare room (only place available) and been having real trouble seeing what I was doing. That's my excuse anyway! Fabulous!