Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey, thanks to all who responded and signed up for my challenge - I hope you enjoy it and get some satisfaction out of it! Keep checking back here - Monday is usually a good day to blog, so look for more tips and patterns and updates weekly (or so)!
I finished up my circular scarf - I used two and a half balls for a total of 1280 rows and it measures 60 inches in length - it turned out quite nice. I washed it to let the alpaca loft and fill out a bit so that it doesn't look quite so thin-ish. I'll tell you the truth now - I started out to do 20 rows circular, 2 rows FNR and quickly realized that was a bad choice because you were adding 22 for the repeat and it made more sense to knit 18 rows circular, 2 rows zigzag  so that every 20 rows was a full repeat and then I got carried away and all of a sudden had 26 rows circular...I'm not a rip-er-out-er, I admit it - yes, I altered the pattern rather than have to de-knit...AND, I knew it would happen again so I then 'planned' to do random amounts between zigzags, varying from 18 to 28 to yes, some 38 rows between - it's all good! I evened out as I was coming to the end portion so that both ends hanging down together would look the same - in fact, it turned out so nice that if I were a scarf person, I'd keep this one and have to knit another!
But, onto bigger things. On Friday I dashed off a quick to-do list as some things are creeping up on me - I hate to get behind or owe someone something...February and March are big birthday months for me. By this morning the list had grown to more than 8 items - 2 girlfriends who would be heartbroken if I didn't give them a pair of socks; 2 grandkids that kind of look forward to something from Grama (hoodies it is! a red MFH for Nate - he is darn near as tall as I am - I know you're laughing, but he is only going to be 12! and,  something in turquoise for Rhiana); my niece Lauren is expecting (???what to do - her or baby?); 2 sister birthdays and the next red scarf is due Feb 15!! Good thing I'm up with deadlines! I'd better get knitting! ttyl ;-)

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TracyKM said...

I'm so glad you posted that your finished scarf was 60"....for some reason I thought it had to be 6ft and I couldn't believe my yarn had shrunk that much when I washed it! So I was steaming and trying to stretch it, and now it's 64". I was just coming back here to ask if that would be close enough to 6ft. LOL!
I also thought about doing the zigzag rows at random times, for the same reason. Next time, I might do 38 rows between them. 18 goes by too fast LOL! I'll post on my blog soon.
My daughter (10) wants to make some too. She was a little big-eyed when I said it had to be 6ft, so she'll be happy it's now only 5ft :)