Friday, June 24, 2016

why, why, why???

I'm pretty sure I'm cured - I have both sleeves done as well as the back now. The side of my baby finger is almost raw because it sort of ends up resting/grabbing onto the top of the sinker posts as I flip that darn 7-prong tool up and over to drop off the stitches! and yes, some of the joy has gone out of the project...but I have to say, this stitch pattern is brilliant! There is just no going wrong with it and it seems like you'd have to be pretty distracted to make a mistake. That 7-prong tool measures everything out perfectly and so long as you remember there are never more than 3 needles out of work at a time, you're golden! And there are actually 6 rows where you do nothing but bring needles back to work - it's like a mini-vacay!
I will be so proud and relieved when I'm finished - but I'm warning you - if you ever see me wearing this thing you'd better be so overwhelmed at my talent, beauty and tenacity! and so complimentary of this sweater! (notice I'm calling it a sweater - I could turn it into a pullover - no hood, no front bands, no zipper...)

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