Friday, July 22, 2016

thought my eyes were playing tricks on me....

you  know how when you're interested in something, you sometimes see something that isn't there? like some words just jump out at you...I got an email advert thing yesterday from John Fluevog shoes - I am somewhat obsessed with them and have several pairs, notably my  prized red operettas - 
and when I was checking my email, I saw 'John Fluevog' in the correspondent section and I was taken aback that I thought I read 'knitting in the sunshine' in the subject heading and in my mind, I'm saying, 'MA, you've crossed the line if you think John Fluevog is talking about knitting! Well, he/they were! Oh my! check it out! they are having a knit night at a local /Toronto yarn shop and bringing shoes! what could be better? oh, to be in Toronto next week!


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