Wednesday, September 21, 2016

OMG!!! it's ready!!!

the book is done! and you can go to and put it in your cart and get it by Sep 23rd!! wow! once I finally finished proofreading and fixing little boo-boos, it didn't take long! I'm so excited!!!!(big sigh!!)

The HandBook For Manual Machine Knitters

List Price: $29.95
Detailed descriptions of techniques and methods for use on manual, non-patterning single bed knitting machines and frames. Cast-ons, cast-offs, increasing, decreasing, shortrow shaping, patterning, lace, tuck, slip fairisle...Examples of where, when and why to use and why not. Instructions and charts for many hand selected stitch patterns and bands, trims and edges all done on the knitting machine, no hand knitting or crochet skills required.

About the author:

Mary Anne Oger, machine knitting designer and instructor, is well-known for her classic, wearable designs and her knack for adding common sense and humour to machine knitting. She is adept in textures and great finishing techniques which can be used by all machine knitters, any gauge, all machines. With many seminar and workshop credits all over North America, her teaching skills are undisputed. As editor/publisher of 'KNITWORDS' magazine for 13 years from 1997 to 2010, Mary Anne set high industry standards for quality work in machine knitting. She makes her home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and can be reached through her website at where you can find her machine knitting blog 'Needles to Say...', providing hints, tips, patterns and inspiration for all machine knitters.

Publication Date:
Sep 18 2016 ISBN/EAN13: 1537755161 / 9781537755168

Page Count:120 Trim Size:8" x 10" Language: English  Printed: Black and White


Unknown said...

Please publish a kindle version. Some, like me, are allergic to newer inks and therefore can't buy this book. Others prefer electronic books for a variety of reasons.

Lea-Ann said...


Charlotte said...

An ebook version of some kind would be wonderful! kindle, iBook, whichever is easiest :)

Unknown said...

YAAAAYY!!!!! New MAO!!!!!!! Now we just need a tour to support the book!! ;) Lol.

Leah said...

I just ordered your new book and can't wait to get started!

Unknown said...

How exciting!
Please publish an ebook , kindle book would be awesome!

Unknown said...

Love the book Mary Ann...just got my copy and want to thank you for such a wonderful resource. You're a constant source of inspiration...great job on this! Barbara from Bend OR