Wednesday, November 30, 2016

current plan...

Just in case you're keeping up with me, after thinking about it overnight, here's my plan (subject to change! ;-)). Usually I would knit a sleeve here - I am really tempted but you know how I hate unravelling! To be honest, actually, I would have knit the sleeves first but I'm leaving them until last because they are a big variable - can be like the original or short-ish, slightly 3/4, no cuff, push-up style or elbow length, depending on the amount of yarn remaining.
I toyed with a different pocket style, like an inside bag pocket where the pocket lining could be a different yarn or at least stockinette which would consume less yarn but ruled that out after trying on my various hoodies and confirming  that the pouch-style pocket is a very important part of why I love this hoodie style so much! And, judging from the weight of my double swatch,(48g), the 2 pockets will be slightly less than that - not a huge saving. I will scale the pocket down slightly, like an inch narrower and shorter and same with the hood.
I haven't even been tempted to order the zipper yet - will it be beige or tobacco brown? Now that I found the WCD tobacco I am favouring that for the bands/hems, but I'm open!

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