Tuesday, March 6, 2018

it went to my head...

 The success of that pocket! So, this morning, I powered through the left front, anxious to confirm my technique and get the same result from my pocket notes. Marked the pocket opening, remembered all my 10 cm yarn marks, got the front off the machine and just as I was going to start steaming it, realized that I only knit to the underarm when I took it off the machine! Now I have to go back, rehang it, find the correct row of lace patterning…never pays to get too cocky! How to figure it out? Well, I know I was at RC240 when I ended and I started with row 1. The stitch pattern is 38 rows by 24 sts, so keep adding 38 rows until you get close to below 240 and at 228, I can see there are 12 rows to RC240. That should mean I am going to knit row 13 of the pattern. Give that a try and hope to heck I had my point cams and N1 cam where I thought I did (fingers crossed!)! OMG, I just got really, really lucky! It pays to keep good notes!

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