Monday, September 10, 2018

the big reveal...

first pickup for band
The pocket top/band is ribbed, with an RTR in there to give a nice division between the band and the join onto the garment. The stockinette patch is made and waiting.
2nd pickup to attach patch
To put it all together, with the purl/right side of garment facing you, right side up (hem below), hang the main yarn loops on top of bottom loops of ravel cord. Turn band over and hang, wrong side facing you, pull through and using long tail from pocket top, manually knit loose row and chain off. 
before pulling out ravel cord
Without turning anything, hang the row of main yarn that is under the top of the ravel cord loops. Hang patch, purl side facing, pull through other stitches and cast off. From the front,
front of garment
it really looks wrong – the band is below the un-opened opening and the patch is above. When you pull out the ravel cord, the band folds up, the patch tucks inside and it’s all good!

finished, inside

My techniques handout to tell you how to do this pocket?
email me and ask for the Oxymoron Cardi pocket.

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