Friday, November 23, 2018


original HK hat
Start the parade, blow the trumpet, where’s the confetti?
MAO finally figured out how to add a PDF file to a blogpost!
I have been working on a few, little-gifty-thing patterns and kind of having fun playing around, knitting and updating a couple of old patterns, taking photos and I finally got it done – check this out! Back in 2013 I did some kiddo earflap hats, for minions.
pseudo garter st ear
Down at the bottom of the page there, you’ll find the link to the pdf – you can download it, print it out and try it out!
attach ear to hat
The other day I needed a quickie gift for a  year-old baby girl so I redid the Hello Kitty  hat and I added a few extra details to the pattern, like knitting the ear, attaching it on the machine and knitting the bow. Have fun!
2018 remake

cast off ear sts on inside of hat

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