Thursday, December 26, 2019

the hurry-er i go...

the behind-er I get!
There I was, on Christmas Eve early afternoon, trying to get a few minutes in, finishing up the manfriend pullover…what’s the hold-up you ask? Yeah, I know, eh? like from swatching to now, it’s been over two months! Thinking back, that ‘p’ word has become my middle name! Procrastinator of the first degree! I think because it never was my idea – he asked for it and said what HE wanted...
Anyway, I have a list of to-dos running through my head – gifts to wrap, dessert to make, thinking about the turkey-brining, wondering if I can NOT have to go to the grocery store one last time, does the kitchen floor really need mopping? while waiting for my d-i-l (who is chronically time-challenged and almost always at least an hour late, which I’ve already planned for!) to come by and worrying, 'is this neck opening going to be big enough? I'm sure he has a freakishly big head! I’m stupidly trying to get the neckband knit and on and needles to say (ha! ha!), as sure as the lord made little green apples, you know what happened! A stitch dropped in the middle of the front – it would never be in the back! and there’s a hole!
The doorbell rings and it's A (with the kids! their unwrapped presents are all over!)! Calmy, I set the thing down, hole and all, carefully, and go down.
I make us Christmas coffees, ban the kids from going upstairs and repeat to myself something I learned many years ago – it doesn’t matter what doesn’t get done because no one else knew you were going to do it! There is always another day and promissory notes to give!
Here’s some of the best advice I ever gave:
P.S.  been Netflixing `The Crown`, season 3, really liking it with the new cast and I have this barely controllable urge to get myself a string of pearls! Just one strand, not three...
Seasons Greetings!

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