Monday, February 10, 2020

tickety boo...

Did I mention to keep the little weigh scale close? Weigh the yarn/colour before and after knitting so you know exactly how far it goes. On the Back, with this method, I could figure that 56 rows of the oatmeal, 112 sts wide took 100g so I was confident I would have enough yarn to complete the body and sleeves at least. For each of the colour amounts, I'll take my chances, and the hood was totally optional at this point!
Plate or not? This yarn has a heathery, tweedy colour and texture so the slight variations in the dye lots are not apparent. I chanced it and didn’t plate, and it all looks fine, adds to the heathery effect. If working with solid plain colours I would have plated that to avoid striations and definite colour change lines.
Trust your swatch! When this was done, put together and ready for the wash, before doing the zipper, I was debating options for regifting it to someone who was maybe 6’3 instead of the 5’10 man I planned it for because it was HUGE!  No lie, it went from 78 cm from top of shoulder to hem, down to the finished 66 cm I had planned! The reason you make swatches and wash and dry them before measuring! Notice the photo in the previous post, with the zipper just laying on the back, the zipper looks like it will be too short. In the washed/finished garment, the zipper actually goes up into the hood about 1 inch...I was afraid to shorten it too soon and then decided it was okay like that!
Used the same method for zipper installation that I had on ManFriend Hoodie, but I did have to do it a second time – the first one was drawing the front up too much – the difference in the gauge of the machine! The first time, after pinning in the zipper and putting it on myself (like I tell you to) it was all ripply and bunchy. Ripped out the knitted stabilizer edges that are added horizontally up the front edges, re-knit them, adding 10 stitches, so the front edges really were not gathered in at all, re-pinned the zip and that was the trick! Finished, it looks good, I’m happy and he loves it! Even commented on the colours! Another win-win!

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Knittedbrows said...

Lovely colour combination and fabulous garment.