Saturday, September 5, 2020

the latest...

I finished that tunic quickly, without really looking it over before putting it together and what the hay? The second cone…it made a line, a definite colour change. I hadn’t checked the dye lot before I started but they were the same. What could have happened? The outside of the cone changed/lightened – yarn sitting out on shelves for years! Ar-r-r-rr-gh! I should have started the second cone at the beginning of the front, instead of just adding it in where the first cone ran out which has always been my standard operating procedure when I know the dye lots are the same. What to do now? Hope for the best in the laundry but if it is still evident after the wash, I’ll give it a quick over-dye!
Still love it though! And get real, who’s gonna see it? ;)
Then, sort of tidying up and with the weather turning much cooler, I finished that tweedy poncho from last March.
Without swatching first, I had knit it quite loosely, hoping for a good shrink on the finished project, just banking on my experience to be able to pull this one off. Wow! I should have tried to get a photo before the wash – it was humongous! Like almost below my knees and we won’t even talk about the sleeve length! Feeling quite certain I would be donating this to a much taller friend, I tossed it in the wash and then into the dryer. Oh! My! Gosh! It’s perfect! Just like the felted blanket I was hoping for!
Have a great long weekend! Happy Labour Day!


Peg's Threads (Abendroth) said...

If over-dying doesn't work, just embroider over the line. A simply and stretchy design.

Mary Anne Oger said...

Great idea, Peg! Thanks! Luckily the line makes a perfect yoke. I’ll try something in black maybe, and forget the dye!