Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey, I just found out, the newest Knit’nStyle is out!! Subscribers get it first and then it goes on newsstands around the 25th of May - I don't have a copy yet, but you can see it on their website - check it out at http://www.knitnstyle.com/ ! I have to be honest with you, the only thing I’m really interested in is that my garment looks good and they spelled my name right! And yes, they did and ‘Faux Crochet’ looks really nice (how can you tell I’m a bit of a control freak? - it’s hard not having that option)!! This is an A-line cardigan, 3/4 sleeve, sideways knit on the mid gauge LK150, a hand-selected tuck stitch with loose tension rows - I made it back in February and had a bit of separation anxiety when I sent it off and realized I wouldn’t get it back - I did make it again just to have (didn’t have the same yarn so had to come up with a substitute). I had put it aside and forgot all about it till now!! I'll try to bring it to Portland, but that suitcase is getting pretty full!
Speaking of KnS, I’m working on my next project for the December issue - it’s called 'classic alpaca' 100% alpaca, a DK weight from The Alpaca Yarn Co - http://www.thealpacayarnco.com/ - talk about colour selection! Wow!! and beautiful yarn! If you haven’t treated yourself to an alpaca sweater, it’s time - wearing this feels like you’re wrapped in whipped butter! AND I got it on cone!!! how’s that for treating me right! Instead of 50g balls which would mean tons of ends, they sent me a huge cone with enough for my entire project - guess what? another cardigan, with cables this time.
I was trying to keep my head down and on task - I think I did pretty good - didn’t make it through that whole list - I still have the year-end stuff looming over my head! I admit, I can be a first-class procrastinator when it comes to office work - good thing there is a final deadline or I’d put it off forever.
And, I did get a new dress/coat/whatever done for Portland - not sure what it really is, but I’m going to wear it as a dress. The button front and the vertical lines are totally slimming and I feel taller wearing it, even without the shoes! It is the same shape in the body as ‘geezer chic’, just longer. The elbow length sleeve means being able to wear it while knitting without worrying about catching it. The jury is still out on the ivory shoes - they are perhaps a bit over the top but I do have lots of other choices, trust me!


Ingrid said...

I just got my new KnS, great job on the cardigan. Go for the ivory shoes with the bows, you'll be stunning. Ingrid

~Z~ said...

I've had to break down and subscribe so I can get your patterns! (And I am seriously bummed that you'll be in Portland the week BEFORE I get there...waaaah!)

Irisha said...

I got the magazine! Yay!!!
Mary Ann, do you have any hints on how recalculate patterns from LK150 into my HK160(6mm) machine? Do the swatch test, right? :)))