Thursday, May 5, 2011


Let’s face it - I’ve got wardrobe coming out the ying yang - It’s not like I need anything new - it’s been 3 years since I’ve been to Portland so I’m sure I have lots of stuff to show and wear, but this is Spring - well, it may actually be Spring then (see  Memorial Day weeekend in Clackamas, OR)
In case you’ve never been to an MAO seminar, I generally do a mini fashion show in each class. I usually wear a black dress, pretty plain (think ‘My LBD’ from No 52) or a black top and skirt (think ‘Body Basic’, No 43 and ‘Tiers of Joy’, No 47) then, anything I put on over it looks good. As I’m talking through techniques, I put on the garments and show how they look - I guess that’s why you come to a seminar.
I’m used to producing and I always have new stuff to wear no matter where I go - there are 3 weeks before the Portland do so why shouldn’t I have something totally new?
It’s not like I have nothing else to’s my ‘quick’ to-do list:
-finish article for KnS
-finish workshop notes for Pacifically Passap Plus
-do the business end of the business and take to accountant for year end
-get training for the half marathon walk in September
-do the mk conversions for the KnS hand knit patterns
-oil wooden lawn furniture
-cook dinner for company coming tonight
So why am I swatching tuck ribs and thinking I need something new for Portland? what the heck? I don’t have to justify it, I can just do it - in the back of my mind, it’ll be one of the Fall patterns!
I’ll give you a few hints - I love the Geezer remake but it’s dark - burgundy - not a spring colour - it does look great with black but it'll have to wait for Fall. I’m thinking that shape, but maybe a bit longer so I can pull it off as a dress, but lighter, colourwise. (I do have some great ivory, high heel sandals, new, never before seen!) Maybe an elbow-length sleeve... that won’t get caught when I’m knitting...and I may as well throw in a few more ribber techniques...did you know you can use a tuck pattern on the main bed and have some tucks on the rib bed too?
I like the deep, full needle rib hem - that's a racked cast-on edge...


M Cranford said...

The link is misspelled. Guess you didn't have enough coffee today.

I never could find a site that had the 'plus' in it.

I enjoyed seeing your garments and hearing all of your knitting tips and secrets in Raleigh. And you are right. Everything looked good over your black dress and skirt.

Cindy said...

Fall patterns?? I do like the sound of this, very much! And you can never have too much knitwear; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Irisha said...

Mary, I am so exited to meet you at Pacifically Passap - my dream come true! Will be there one day on Saturday - gotta have lots of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Iryna