Friday, December 23, 2011

back story

I got this cute card from my friend Vickie and I had to share it with you - I laughed and laughed! She is a long time machine knitter who recently decided to learn to hand knit and she’s told me her tales of woe - $80 for the sock class - I think that included the yarn and maybe the needles but don’t quote me on that. I believe it was a 4 week class - she did eventually get the socks knit but also got the ‘need to learn to hand knit’ bug out of her system. She then turned to making socks on the machine from the free patterns I’ve given (LK150, see blog in September and double bed sock pattern at under freebies) and she proudly reports that the LK150 socks are the best slippers she’s ever had!! and she has several pairs under her belt! Happy Holidays!

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