Thursday, December 8, 2011

time flies when you have excuses...

When I came back from the west coast, what with changing back to standard time too, it took me a long time to get over my jet lag. Then I had some tooth issues and had to go on an antibiotic which of course, I became allergic to - that was another week of grossness, itchyness, not nice. Then my daughter-in-law asked me to go to SeaWorld with her and Nate and Rhiana - I couldn't refuse - another week gone, what can I say? I did my shopping for my Christmas family (instead of stressing out over what to buy my grown-up family, I use that money and sponsor a needy family through Children’s Aid - it’s much more fun) so now, I’m back, ready to knit.
Before going out to CA for Newton’s, I did a remake of ‘Rich Raglan’ (from Serial Stuff 2) in plain black WCD - I specifically made it for my daughter, who has moved back to TBay after being away for 10 years - I have often said I was making something for her - she needs a longer sleeve length than mine, but somehow, after it was done, I never quite managed to get it packed up and sent off to her before I was tempted to wear it once or twice with the sleeves pushed up - well okay, several times, and then I felt like I couldn’t give it to her used...the really funny thing is that I’m now used to over-long sleeves and make them like that for me most of the time...
Anyway, last weekend, I did give her the black RR, unworn - she called me last night to say how much she loved it - it's perfect, fit exactly right, felt great to wear and is breathe-able!!! She likes it so much she wore it two days in a row! Well, if that wouldn’t make one feel worthwhile! The thing was, when she called, I was wearing my own red and black RR! I understand!
So, I now have 4 more projects for her in the queue and the hardest part is going to be deciding what colour to use for which! She likes true colours, more like what you’d find in the winter palette or what I call jewel tones, whereas I prefer off-colours or autumn shades but we are both good with red and black. The line-up: LSA (let’s swing again from No 44) maybe in french navy; Jazzy Jive (Serial Stuff 1) without the box pleat on the sleeve and a regular buttoned closing - I’m thinking poppy; Sophisticate (SS1) with long sleeves; and get this, Granville, just plain , maybe carob - wow, that’s easy - she likes the shape and feel and all, but doesn’t get the texture thing, wants it just plain. I’m not arguing, just plain knitting!

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