Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 It crossed my mind that it was about time for a new issue of Knit’nStyle – I clicked through and sure enough, there it is! # 185, the summer edition. I’m pretty pleased with the photo they have – check it out! I talked about the yarn (Linsey Berroco – see ‘light bulb moment’ Nov 18/12) earlier. I finished it up and shipped it off to KnS in late November – I got this note back:
Top arrived yesterday… hung it up and everyone walking past my office is in love with it…Thank you!
 I figured it was because they needed something bright to cheer them up – it was just after the bad east coast storms – their office is in NJ and the area had been hit pretty bad. Anyway, check it out - I was happy with my finished product, but seeing the finished thing in the magazine is nice too! I wonder if they will translate this one into a hand knit version?
Speaking of hand knitting, is it stealing if I see a hand knit garment and make a version of it on the machine? No answer required, but here’s what I did – the new Vogue Knitting has a pattern called ‘Tie Back Top’ – I was not really inspired by it until I went to their website and checked it out in the VK360 – they have a video of a model in the garment – shows so much more than the photos in the magazine!! I thought it was really cute and would make a nice coverup for some cute, tiny gal for a warm vacation or it could be worn as evening wear with a cute bra top or tank. The one in VK is hand knit in a DK yarn and has a stockinette front and very open lace back – I made this one on my standard gauge machine with lace (Silver Reed) carriage using Silk City Zephyr, a fine, linen/rayon with a beautiful sheen  - it’s actually the leftover from my ‘Sophisticate’,  which was in the first ‘Serial Stuff/POM’ collection – it is very lightweight, drapy and the perfect weight for warm weather. I made it with the lace neckline lower than the other and made deep armholes, all edged with my XOXO trim from ‘Band Practise’. The lace pattern is from ‘Me Cozy’, Knitwords #48 – I gave the brother version of my stitch pattern there too. Didn't bother with the ties because I think this is a closer fit through the upper body and really only flares from the waist. Finished, ready to wear in 2 days!! I had to make Sunday supper…
I'll call it inspiration - I'm not writing the pattern!

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