Friday, March 8, 2013


The ribbed body section is done – that was easy! Now, looking at the schematic for the sleeve/yoke section, when it gets right down to it, there are some details and measurements missing. I suppose I could just wing it, and reknit if it doesn’t work out, but I like to plan and have a little more accuracy. Here’s what I did: I use the KR11 for my sizing and shaping, so I drew the basic outline using the measurements given, but the actual angle of the decreases from the underarm to the back neck and how wide the back neck should be are not given – there is also a shortrowed dart thing on the other side to shape the back underarm area. I set the mylar in the KR11 and programmed it for the stitches and rows in the actual pattern (16 sts and 26 rows to 10 cm) and manually advanced the rows and plotted the decreases (shown in the green dotted line – the dart is the green dashes) according to the original instructions. Now, all I need to do is set in my stitches and rows from my stockinette swatch (I'm cheating here - didn't make a new stockinette swatch - used the numbers from my 'Angled with Attitude' - same yarn, same application, fairly recent, I'm sure it will work) for the standard gauge machine and this great little gadget will do the rest!! So cool!

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