Friday, April 17, 2015

happy faces...

I've been away for so long, sorry - thanks to everyone who missed me - I'm okay! My little sister, Marnie, is okay. I'll try to catch you up on some of the things I've seen.
My big/little sister, Janet, took me to Europe. We started off in Vienna and we had a small studio apartment for the first week, in Hietzing 13 (if anyone knows Vienna).
I spotted some knitwear in a local shop by an Austrian designer -  I figured she was using the Silver Reed fine gauge machine and rayon yarns - lots of drop lace knit loosely, lots of sheer-looking things - very simple but nicely done, not a lot of shaping. I sure would like a photo or two for my blog when I get home, but realize it is frowned upon to photograph designer clothes. I do have a small digital camera with me but forgot to change the batteries and I do have my ipad mini but I promised myself I would not use it in public! I'll think about it  and get back another day, maybe...
Back to Schonbrunn castle (one of the biggest tourist attractions in Vienna) grounds, we walked from our apartment to the castle, in the back way and then went up the hill to the highest point to look at the castle and out towards Vienna city centre. While there we noticed that many people had these weird lens/paper-frame glasses - it was a bright sunny day, a bit hazy. It was only later, in a cafe for lunch, Janet googled and apparently there was a partial eclipse of the sun that occurred at 10:25 am local time. We were absurdly pleased to note that we had missed it entirely because we didn't know, but those people, many of them were, by then still waiting for it to happen!
My lunch - I ordered sausage with mustard, horseradish and a roll, expecting a sausage, like a bratwurst - what I got - a wiener!
Went back to the shop in Hietzing, snuck in the door and quickly took a photo of this one in the window that had caught my attention - red, sleeveless, long vest with 'smiley faces' (can you see the heart-shaped eyes? - click on the photo to enlarge it) in drop lace running vertically down the back! How bizarre - who would want to wear that? And at €279??? (that translates to $390 Canadian...)


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