Monday, April 20, 2015

magic happens with a good-fitting bra...

Was that me just bragging about meeting deadlines and enjoying being under pressure? LOL! My daughter-in-law  came for a visit yesterday and sort of hinted that it would be nice if Rhiana, my eight year old granddaughter, had a cape to wear for her First Communion - it's on May 3rd and I did know about it - the first communion, that is - but knew I'd be away and miss it...She apparently has a sleeveless dress in pure white and wouldn't it be nice to have a back-up plan if it was on the cool side - HELLO! this is Northwestern Ontario, early spring and we're talking 10 am - cripes, it's going to be cold in the church no matter what the day is like!
It's actually a miracle that I have any white, white yarn of any sort on the shelves, but I start digging - I have a medium sized cone of Honiburd cotton rainbow that if we were  making it mainly for warmth, that's what I would choose. I have Bramwell's Silky which would mean, like triple-stranding it (not!). There is also a fair sized cone of a 'Lorraine' which would require doubling, at least.  And a hughmongous (sp?) cone of some 100% rayon stuff that came from Bonnie Triola Yarns  a zillion years ago. I swatched the Honiburd, it'll work but I know she is looking for something a little dressier so I reluctantly try the rayon. It's one of those coarse yarns that sort of falls off the cone and pools around the bottom and gets stuck and you swear and swear...Sigh! There is a solution to this, I know, but where are they? Sue Jaloweic at 'Knit It Now' sent me a  package of yarn bras - they come in THREE sizes - surely one will be right... I am going for Grama of the year and/or mother-in-law on this one!

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