Saturday, December 26, 2015

boxing day inspirations...

It's Boxing Day...the day when Canadians get to box up those unwanted presents and return them - ha! ha! just kidding! Don't know what the 'boxing' in Boxing Day really means (and I don't care - please don't tell me!) but I remember saying that to some American friends once and they fell for it! Anyway, to me, it really means a day to myself without worrying about cooking or company and I'm keeping it to myself! A day to do what I want!  
Lately I've been living in my hoodies and, because of the Old Navy commercials on TV and those awful ugly Christmas sweaters everywhere, I realized that I don't have a multi-coloured fairisle hoodie. Actually, I've still been thinking of that grey/black/red Aston Kutcher cardiagan from last year...I decided it was just the colours that attracted me and after checking my stock, I think ivory as the main colour with gray, black and red here and there would satisfy my fairisle craving. I had pulled out 'North of 49' from Knitwords #40 earlier in the fall and wore it a bit and love the stitch pattern but it's a mid gauge 'Cowichan' style cardigan of beautiful alpaca, meaning outdoor-wear and even though we have had a lovely fall, it is now winter and I need a standard gauge garment that fits under a parka or winter coat.

So, here's my plan: make the sleeve first and see where it takes me!

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