Monday, December 7, 2015

power of the press...

'We' made the front page! Thanks to everyone who responded to the Aids Day Red Scarf campaign, especially my 'friends in Minnesota' - Patsy, you're the bomb! We got mentioned on the front page of our local paper (the chronicle journal, Dec 2, 2015)!
Last Friday, I got an email from Patsy saying she rallied two groups she knits with and got 14 scarves done and where should she send them? I felt so bad because I knew if she mailed them from Minnesota, they would never get here in time for the Tuesday deadline and it would cost her a fortune for postage so I had her send them to the border store at Grand Portage, MN, and, I would drive down, pick them up and 'bring' them into Canada - the customs forms involved were! not like it was my first rodeo!
Now, you know how you can't believe everything you read in the paper - they forgot to say there were other local knitters who contributed also. Thanks to them and to those who donated in other cities!
This was the local launch of a yearly campaign for Aids/HIV awareness - put it on your calendar for next December - I'll probably be reminding you again!

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