Monday, March 14, 2016

'cheater' scarf for March AIDS awareness challenge...

I was going to call this 'easy peasy' but it really was like cheating, so I'm going with that! The cable pattern didn't show up so well in my ribbon yarn, but it is there and it's the right colour!
Notes for programming English Rib in Pattern:
Punchcard: make holes for all the gray circles and leave white squares unpunched. Repeat length two times or as necessary to make card long enough to join. Add double row of holes top and bottom to join card.
SilverReed punchcard: Lock card on row 1. Read card. CAR. Unlock card. Set cam lever to tuck, side levers to triangle. Knit.
SilverReed electronic: mark mylar opposite to shown, lite #1 right is on, N1 cam at 0, point cams at edge of ns in work. Cam lever to tuck. CAR to begin tuck.
Brother punchcard: Lock on row 1, select to right, tuck buttons in, begin tuck knitting to left.
Brother electronic: enter as shown.

electronic cable pattern that I used
Machine settings: All machines, rib/front bed set to knit both ways. Tucks are on knit/back bed, end needles should be on rib/front bed. After reading/selecting pattern, set to tuck.
(for more info, see KW#38 Double Talk)
'Cheater' English Rib-in-pattern Scarf
Machine: 4.5mm  with ribber.
Yarn: lace weight or something fine, that you would stockinette knit at T3-5. I used 'Gummy' from Silk City. See last few blogposts/red scarf patterns for Aids Awareness for more details.
Finished weight: 110g
Insert close knit bar.

24 st punchcard version
Bring 36-0-36 ns to work on main bed. Set to H5 and bring ns on ribber to work so outside ns are on ribber - one more than knit bed. Cast waste yarn in zigzag, hang comb and 1 large weight. Knit several rows, ending CAR. Switch to circular for the ravel cord, K2R. Cancel circular.  Rack to H4. Main yarn, T3/3, K1R. Rack to H5, K1R. Download pattern (read punchcard or set up for pattern knitting - it should correspond with tucking in pattern as you move carriage to the left, plain row of all stitches knit when passing to right). CAR. Set for tuck on knitter). Knit 1200 rows or desired length (150 cm/5 ft) and end with  1 row T4/4 ZZ, CAL. Transfer all to main bed. Measure out 3X width of ns in work, cut yarn and backstitch cast off.
Darn in ends.  
If you need the DAK file or any help with this, please email me at
Analysis: This was the quickest, easiest scarf yet - the end stitches knit perfectly and took no babysitting, there was no counting and switching back and forth between techniques - I would certainly make this again, especially if I had a cone of red Tamm Perla!
Red scarf for Aids Awareness count: 4

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