Tuesday, March 29, 2016

zipped up again...

I made the manfriend hoodie in red for Nathan (my grandson who turned 12 last month!!! OMG!!!). I actually made him the small size from the girlfriend hoodie without the A-line shaping. I did have the knitting done for his groundhog day birthday but it took me this long to locate a nice, metal tooth zipper and get it sewn in.
www.zipperstop.com is my new source - you can get virtually any colour you want with either silver or brass teeth at a very reasonable price - lots of options - check it out and they ship to Canada, again very reasonable and quick service once you place your order.
I cheated on the drawstring - instead of knitting a slip cord out of the red cotton Bonita yarn - I purchased a red tubular elastic, not sure whether he was old enough to now have a drawstring that wouldn't be called dangerous - first think he did was put the hood up and yank on the ends to pull it tight! ; )

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Sarah Larkin said...

Yep its a boy thing......apparently when you pull that elastic really tight it makes you look like a ninja.
One of mine actually got stuck in a sweatshirt and needed the elastic cutting.