Tuesday, April 17, 2018

have pillow, will travel...

You know how one of the best things about doing a road trip is being able to take your favourite pillow with you. In the past, even though I do it, I’ve always been somewhat embarrassed to be seen carrying that pillow into a hotel. I just returned from the Spring Fling in Peru, Indiana, put on by Charlene Shafer and the Knit Knack Shop. The drive home was through pretty wicked snow/blizzard conditions, but I made it safely. We had a fun time at the seminar and Charlene gave me the perfect gift – a beautiful Vera Bradley bag just the right size for my pillow – I’ll never feel awkward again!
Everyone loved Ozark and Pocket Change, my two newest projects. Charlene and her family put on a major event – there was something for everyone and it was so much fun renewing knitting acquaintances and meeting new ones. I had a blast and I hope they invite me back!
A shout-out to Barbara P, we’re all thinking of you, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!
P.S. Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of my first blogpost – who knew I had so much to say! Hope you've had as much fun reading as I've had saying!


GF Mom said...

Congratulations. Happy anniversary on your 10 years! Love reading your blog.

Unknown said...

That's an awesome bag! BTW - I also take my own pillow. Actually, I like to take my own space (in the form of a camper), but I'm a little over the top. LOL

I've been reading an article a day from Knitwords. So thankful to have the complete collection. It has been very good information. Now to master each skill that I read about.


Karen said...

So glad you were at Spring Fling this year. You are so inspiring! I'm almost done with a Girly Hoodie with some lace added. It's turning out so cute. I'll send a picture when I'm done. Glad you made it home safely.