Thursday, May 24, 2018


It was like the old days - we had a blast! I wanted to show you my three long cardigans – if you`ve lost track, I did Pocket Change first [] – it is lace carriage in brown 4 ply wool.
Then Ozark, [] also 4 ply wool stockinette and finally Lipstick and Smoke in Cotton Tale 8, 4 ply cotton stockinette.
The shape of the garment basically is the same in all three but Ozark is shaped/decreased from hem to the waist and the other two are A-line, shaped from hem to underarm.
All three have 8 rows of shortrows to even out the hemline so it does not look shorter at the centre front and back – I love all three!
And I’m taking Lipstick and Smoke to Ireland with me – we’re leaving this weekend – it will be my travel wear – I always like something cuddly and cozy for a long flight – it will be perfect for that and I’m sure Dublin and Killarney evenings will be cool enough that I will get plenty of use out of it!

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GF Mom said...

Love them all but the Pocket Change is my personal favorite. Hope you have a good time in Ireland. My son is going this weekend too.