Sunday, December 30, 2018

recap of 2018...

Along with a record-breaking 70 blogposts, I machine-knitted innumerable swatches, 10 cardigans, 1 dress, 1 afghan, 4 ponchos, 18 pairs of socks, 3 earflap hats, a crochet-look skullcap and a couple of DNFs that I never mentioned.
The year got off to a rocky start, airing my dirty laundry
and admitting I was in a knitting funk with no direction and a lack of inspiration. Over the months, I whined quite a bit, threw in some nostalgia here and there for dramatic effect and yes, I probably over-shared!
By March, I hit my stride and began my quest for not only the ultimate long cardigan, but the perfect pocket to go with. I knitted and blogged my way through lace, stripes, striped lace, ribber techniques, and pockets of all sorts.
This past month, I kept off the keyboard, busy with some sewing and making Christmas socks and gifts, without sharing, because I had nothing new to add.

I think my crowning achievement for the year was the shortrowed decrease hack
for the slant edge on patch pockets – used it several times since and I love it – yesterday, finished up another TBHoodie on the LK and an added outside pouch pocket, using the decrease hack – so much faster and proving it works great on mid gauge too!

Wishing you and your family all the best for health, happiness and good fortune for 2019! May all your machine knitting efforts have positive and happy results!

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Maria Ann said...


That was fun to read through all you accomplished this year! You inspire me and I hope to be as successful in 2019! Maria Ann