Monday, January 27, 2020

local yarn shop...

Is there such a thing? Checked on the ‘net. Briggs & Little doesn’t have a website that you can order from and it’s a Canadian brand not carried by my usual US mail order source and I couldn’t find any stockist links. My LYS, where I had originally purchased the yarn, like five years ago, retired and closed shop a few years back. Look in the phone book – nada! Again, checking on-line, there are supposed to be two new local yarn shops that aren’t in the phone book, but have facebook pages…I hate that! Obviously, I haven’t kept up on local hand knitting stuff. Called the first, closer one. She told me she had an order in, currently had none in stock and didn’t expect it to be in for a month at least.

The second one does stock it and has all the colours! OK, back in business! I rushed over and picked up one skein of each of the four colours so now have 1250g total. Not worried about dye-lots – the new ones look surprisingly close, other than the denim but since I’m doing this double-stranded and with stripes, it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll mix one of the old with a new and that should take care of any slight variances. My plan is to start with oatmeal (which I have the most of - the front pockets will be all that colour) at the bottom and move into navy, with a bit of the ivory and then top it off with the smoke – oatmeal and smoke don’t really ‘go together' but separating them with the navy and ivory should make it work… will see what happens. I figure I can knit the Back up so far, do the Fronts and Sleeves in the first colour and see where I’m at – guess that’s not really stripes – we used to call it colour-blocking, I think. Should have a better idea of how far the yarn is going by that time and adjust as needed…and whatsername has more if I hurry!  Ha! Jumping in now!

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