Tuesday, January 21, 2020

you have it in writing...

a commitment! Hemming and hawing a bit more…looking at my yarns from all angles…I have come up with a plan! and am putting it in writing – that way I have a witness! Can’t go back on that!
Remembering a promise from last year, I’m going to write up the pattern for Rib’nShrug.  https://knitwords.blogspot.com/2013/04/notes-for-flared-body.html Have made it several times and wrote lots of notes but I do like to re-knit as I’m doing the pattern to make sure I don’t miss anything.
The hardest part? deciding on the colour to use! I narrowed it down by sorting out the single cones - no sense breaking up a 2 or 3 cone dye-lot for a project that should come in under one 500g cone, so I've settled on cinnamon - this is a 4-ply pure new wool. The garment is a sideways sleeve/yoke/sleeve, knit all in one piece in stockinette. The body, also sideways, also one piece, is a random rib needle arrangement with shortrowed gores in the bottom side to widen out the basic rectangle, adding in hip width and creating a curved hemline. Very little finishing, a fairly quick project.
Decided to go whole hog and get another thing going on the LK150 at the same time. I was always much more productive when pushing myself.
Have a bunch of ‘Briggs & Little’ Durasport https://knitwords.blogspot.com/2014/12/ideas-and-inspiration.html
that has been well aged. I think I bought it when I was on a sock-tear back in 2014. Really stocked up and then I didn’t really love it. https://knitwords.blogspot.com/2015/12/random-thoughts-confessions-rest-of-plan.html  But maybe enough time has passed, so, I dug it out again. I know MF would like another hoodie, heavier than the Man Friend Hoodie that was standard gauge so here goes! I’m using it double stranded on the LK/6.5mm mid gauge machine. I have some oatmeal, denim, ivory and smoke that I plan to mix into strategic stripes in the top/chest/upper body area. The swatch washed up nicely, looks and feels good – I can think on it a bit more while I work on the top part of the standard gauge project.


Knittedbrows said...

Looking forward to a new pattern Mary. You keep me inspired.

Martha in Fuquay Varina NC said...

Only you would be lucky enough to find the same yarn company's product that almost exactly matches what you already had on hand. You go girl!