Sunday, May 17, 2020

change is as good as a rest...

You know, I’m loving this hand-transferring lace stuff, but I have this leftover variegated WCD. I used it for the hood and sleeves of a remake of Omega, part of the last Serial Stuff, No 4.
The thing about variegated yarn is that it kind of does what it wants and, as you knit and change the width of the piece, the colours stack in different ways, making weird diamonds and doing random things not always what I’d like. I have really enjoyed my ‘camo’ hoodie and get lots of compliments on the colours. There is quite a bit left over, almost 400g and I think my daughter-in-law, Agnieszka (cover of #53, frontline worker and wonderful Mom of my two grandkids) would/might like it but doing hand transfers in this multi-coloured fabric would be a total misuse of time and, I’m keeping busy, not just wasting time!
You might recall one of my absolute favourite techniques, after lace, is One-Row-Tuck.
I’ve used it many times and talk about it a lot - put ‘one row tuck’ in the search window at the top of the page and see what else comes up! I’m going to experiment a bit here, use the one-row-tuck (1RT) at a looser tension, T8 instead of T6 – this will make a thinner fabric for a summer top, the tuck will make a wider fabric and control the biasing tendency of the loose tension and hoping for the best on how it will effect the colour stacking. I’m anticipating the yarn will go further and maybe get two tops out of this. Fingers crossed! And I’s getting’ a little bored with this hem, going to try out another and I have a different trim in mind to finish the armhole…see ya in a few! I did make a quick swatch…
P.S. Happy Queen's birthday or whatever you call it!

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