Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Knit 'n Style #182
potato chips! I can’t seem to stop!
Have you ever had one of those times when you thought, ‘darn, I did a good job on that’? The Lace Medley tunic, Knit ’n Style, #182, December 2012 was one of those for me. Back then, I had to make the garment in a finished 34 bust and send it off to them, never to be seen again. I made it first for myself using Forsell Touch of Silk, a DK wool/silk blend, perfect for the LK150 mid gauge.
The pattern had this really nice combination of hand-transferred lace diamonds and I thought I was so clever in figuring out how to make outlined transfers of diamonds going vertically and horizontally in differing sizes and making it out to all come together like a large motif. I never heard from anyone who made it but they did have someone translate it in the magazine into a hand knitting pattern (without getting my permission of course!) and as my main focus at that time was to show hand-knitters that machine knitting could make some really nice stuff, I think I did that. Anyway, I still wear mine and feel great in it!
Just to change things up, I thought I’d try that lace patterning in one of these shell/tank tops for niece, Lauren. I’d really like it for myself, but I am going to jump right in without thinking too much, make sure it won’t fit me, so I’ll have to give it away! ;)
The border lace pattern says it’s 20 sts X 18 rows. On the chart, the centre stitch is on #1 right. Looking at the schematic, I need 74 sts each side of 0. To fit the border in, needs to be a multiple of 20 (plus 1 st for seaming) so I’m going with 71-0-72 ns – that extra stitch on the right side so there is a centre stitch and then one at each side for the seam so the border will match at the side seams.

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