Wednesday, February 10, 2016

a hole in one...;-(

Since this isn't golf, that cast-off didn't work...
On my red swatch, when I was doing the final cast-off by hand, somehow, without realizing it in time, I missed a stitch and after I pulled out the ravel card and tugged on the edge to test it, guess what - boom! not just one dropped stitch! so, particularly with these finer yarns that I am using, that cast-off is benched. To be honest, that is one is really only for the purist. I'm fine with just transferring all to the main bed and doing the back stitch cast-off which gives the stretch needed for this project. I did make another small swatch to test it out - after one zigzag row at the end, so there were single stitches on each bed, I transferred all to the main bed and began the back stitch cast-off - it was a bit of trouble to make sure you were going through both stitches so for the last half, I carefully knit the back bed stitch through the stitch in front which would be the ribber stitch, leaving only one stitch on each needle and then the back stitch worked fine and looked pretty good. I didn't knit a row after transferring up because that would have made an extra stockinette row that would have showed on the cast-off.

Knitting the actual scarf, I did 18 rows, tucking on the main bed, 2 zigzag rows and switched to tucking on the ribber, 2 zigzag rows...but after a bit, I kept getting confused after the zigzag rows as to whether I should be tucking on the main bed or the rib bed. I thought about it for a minute and thought, hummmm...I need to hang something that I can move up and down to remind myself which step I was on. I spotted my prize, little green clippy that my friend Jane gave me - it was perfect to clip on the scarf for the rib part and then move up to the knit bed and clip on something up there - it was like having Janey sitting on my shoulder, like an angel, telling me what to do!  ;-) Happy day!

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