Monday, February 15, 2016

trust your swatch....

You did make one, right? My swatch, the one with the hole at the end, (30 sts X 80 rows) when I measured it the first time, just after I blew that cast-off, (which was about 3 hours off the machine) was 13.5 cm (2.22 sts/cm) wide by 11.5 cm (6.95 rows/cm) long. The next day, a full 24 hours after (and I steamed it because of the rayon/viscose content), it measured 12 cm X 11 cm - that may not seem like a lot on a small swatch but really would be significant when you multiply that out for a larger piece. When you are knitting the actual scarf and your comb is hitting the floor for the third to fourth time, you really start to question your measurements and start to second guess the length especially, but believe me, the next 24 hours will make the difference!
Oxymoron Scarf
Machine: 4.5mm  with ribber.
Yarn: lace weight or something fine, that you would stockinette knit at T3-5. I used 'Gummy' from Silk City. See last few blogposts for more details.
Finished weight: 110g
Size: 6 in X 60 in/15cm X 150 cm
Bring 30-0-30 ns to work on main bed.
Set to H5 and bring ns on ribber to work so outside ns are on ribber - one extra from knit bed.
Cast waste yarn in zigzag, hang comb and 1 large weight.
Knit several rows, ending CAR.
Switch to circular for the ravel cord, K2R.
Rack to H4. Main yarn, T3/3, K1R. Rack to H5, K1R. 
Set for English rib on knitter, K18R. Cancel that and at Zigzag, K2R.
Set to tuck EOR on ribber, K18R. Cancel that and Zigzag, K2R.
Repeat for desired length (1000R) and end with 1 row T4/4 ZZ, CAL. Transfer all to main bed. Measure out 3X width of ns in work, cut yarn and backstitch cast off.
Don't forget to remove the close knit bar unless you are making this again!
Darn in ends.
Analysis: I would certainly make this scarf again using a different yarn, something smooth and round, with better stitch definition like Tamm Astracryl or Perla.
It's not too late to join in!
Red scarf for Aids Awareness count: 2

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