Wednesday, February 24, 2016

one was a deal, one a steal and one for the feel....

'member that order for sock yarn I placed back at the beginning of the month - I got the parcel and oh my! It was more fun than I expected! The colours were prettier in real life than what it looked like on-line and I was thrilled  with the deal! You may have heard the phrase 'one to thrill, one to fill, and one to spill' referring to the method you should use when planning container gardening - I figure I now have a guideline for sock yarn shopping! I got 6 balls of 100g each sock yarn, delivered for $58 USD - that's a deal! It seems to me any time I go into a yarn shop, I end up paying at least $20 for enough for 1 pair and I have enough for at least 6 pairs! As a deal, the Lana Grossa (80 superwool/20 nylon - what I normally buy), usually $18 each was on for $7.50 because I got the last 2 balls in stock! For the steal, the Berroco Comfort Sock (50 nylon/50 acrylic - should wear forever!) at $6.85, what? And for the feel, the Misti Alpaca (50 alpaca/30 merino wool/10 silk/10 nylon), so yummy! And I got a coupon for 15% off my next order - OMG!
PS - I did knit up one pair of the Comfort Sock already - I did have to add a little more weight when knitting, but that and a little yarn spray, they knit up same as my regular socks (see 'warmup sox' under 'freebies' at for the pattern) - it's all good!

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TracyKM said...

I can't find a link or a name for this awesome source of sock yarn :) Please share!