Sunday, April 17, 2016

when two worlds collide...

I went to the zoo, last week, in Toronto, and they had all these baby animals and I came home thinking of pandas! And my knitting friend, Peg, mentioned Double Bed Jacquard which isn't my favourite technique unless I was going to make a horse blanket (private joke - way back when, I went to a convention and saw Passap machines for the first time and their entire fashion show consisted of dresses and jackets done with 4 to 8 colours of DBJ and all I could think of was horse blanket fabric) so, jacquard was on my mind too.
I had an old 'teddy bear' punchcard (Knitwords #22) that I thought would sort of do... I got it down to only a 7-stitch float...but then I had another idea of just using a panda face! I like it but it needs work - I knit this sample in fairisle just to see if I liked my stitch pattern and I do but I will mess around with it a bit and maybe turn one upside down and maybe sideways...who knows what it will come out as but I need to do something to get rid of all those nasty floats - the face print is 40 sts X 40 rows so you can imagine how bad they are...I'm thinking I'll check my notes on what I call semi-jacquard. Stay tuned! I think I know a young girl who might like a panda hoodie!
BTW, Toronto Zoo is great! We really loved the polar bears too but they aren't quite as distinctive for knitting!

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