Saturday, May 14, 2016

digging up incredibly old stuff...

My next pattern for the red scarf challenge is an oldie! I had this design published in 'Machine Knit America' Vol 4 No 6, May/June 1995 - OMG, MAO! that's more than 20 years ago - I guess I'll soon have to stop lying about my age! ;-)
I still have the cardigan - it was my very first use of woolray (now known as WCD/wool crepe deluxe) and I thought the design was brilliant then and still do actually, although the shape of the garment could use a revamp! The reason I've chosen it now for this ribber scarf is for the teaching value of the stitch pattern - it incorporates a neat little automatic pintuck, made by stitches knitting on the rib/front bed only, ignoring the back bed for 5 rows. Note, the tension setting on the ribber here for these 5 rows only  is 4 numbers higher than on the main bed because you want these stitches to be slightly larger than what the main bed stitches only would be (going back to that circular/tubular thing from the first scarf). Then you set for tuck and a plain row of FNR on both beds closes up the pintuck before going into the tuck pattern which alternates between vertical lines and a chevron but is controlled by the stitch pattern. 
Also the pattern shows slightly on the back side/side away making it nice for the scarf project! Hope you have fun with it and learn something about your machine!
Notes for programming pintuck and punch tuck rib pattern:
Punchcard: punch in reverse to shown: make holes for all the white squares and leave black squares unpunched. Add double row of holes top and bottom to join card.
SilverReed punchcard: Lock card on row 1. Read card. CAR. Unlock card. *Set cam lever to slip, side levers to triangle. T4/8, knit 5 rows ( rib bed only - makes pintuck); set cam to tuck, T4/4, K25R*. Repeat this *-* 30 row sequence throughout.
SilverReed electronic: make mylar as shown, lite #1 right is on, N1 cam at 0, point cams at edge of ns in work. *set to S/J (slip). T4/8, knit 5 rows ( rib bed only - makes pintuck); set cam to tuck, T4/4, K25R*. Repeat this *-* 30 row sequence throughout.
Brother electronic: enter as shown and use KHC light on, to select opposite needles for patterning. *Both slip buttons in. T4/8, knit 5 rows ( rib bed only - makes pintuck); set both tuck buttons in to tuck, T4/4, K25R*. Repeat this *-* 30 row sequence throughout.
My swatch (20-0-20 ns) light jade Tamm Perla MT -  would be T4 stockinette
Insert the close knit bar.
Bring 20-0-20 ns to work on main bed. Set to H5 and bring ns on ribber to work so outside ns are on ribber - one more than knit bed. Cast waste yarn in zigzag, hang comb and 1 large weight. Knit several rows, ending CAR. Switch to circular for the ravel cord, K2R. Cancel circular. Rack to H4. RC000. Main yarn, T1/1, K1R. Rack to H5, T2/2, K1R. T3/3, K1R. Continue in T4/4 (except for pintucks - see above). Knit in FNR to RC010. CAR. Download pattern (read punchcard or set up for pattern knitting) and I did one and a half repeats, the final pintuck and then went into FNR again for the end. T4/4, K7R. T3/3, K1R. T2/2, K1R. T8/8, K1R. Yes, the last row is zigzag. Change to circular, ravel cord, K2R. Waste yarn, K20R, zigzag, 2 rows...
You should know the cast off by now...
OOOPS! I see I've made a mistake in entering my stitch pattern - I'll fix it on the real thing - the stitch pattern shown here is correct - on my swatch, the chevron is off - no big deal but I thought I'd point that out incase you're wondering why yours isn't exactly the same - I thought it was a 12 stitch repeat but it's an 8...
If you need the DAK file or any help with this, please email me at
I'll post the actual pattern and photo of my red scarf tomorrow or the next day hopefully.

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