Thursday, May 5, 2016

is there a place for knitted greeting cards?

yeah, I have a small collection of them...they are usually from friends - some are pretty hokey (the cards, I mean) and some are ok. This one with the actual little knitted square has a few variations and the inside has 'Me neither.' 

This one was a mother's day card a few years back from my daughter and the inside read 'wishing you a comfy cozy Mother's Day'

Here's a birthday card from a longtime friend - the inside says 'you're younger than me? I think you're bullknitting.'

This one reads 'happy birthday to someone who makes my world a warmer, more beautiful place.'

Awww, shucks!

Today I got this belated birthday card from my very good friend Cathy - I'm still laughing!
The inside message: 'older but sassier, that's you.'

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