Thursday, May 19, 2016

obsessive, compulsive, addictive...

Can you be addicted to a stitch pattern? I mentioned the other day about making myself another Girlfriend Hoodie and how I had been meaning to do a knitted version of that purchased hoodie...well, another part of that was, upon finishing up my prototype of the Church Cardi, I was still totally in love with that Battenburg stitch pattern and it dawned on me that there was no need for a lot of useless experimenting, just use that pattern vertically up the sleeve of my new hoodie!

 The purchased hoodie has a vertical column of stitching and cut-outs on each sleeve and up the front, half on either side of the zipper. This will be so easy, I thought.
I banged out the sleeves in no time, just filling in bits of time here and there, you know, without really planning to spend the whole day at the machine.  I sat back and admired the sleeves, ignoring the little voice in the back of my mind that the 'floats', which are over 3 empty needle spaces, were going to be too long and would catch on things - I just didn't care, I was committed!
The next day, as I began knitting the pockets and fronts, I kept thinking, this will be done in no time, because the back will be totally plain and so will the hood. Well, when I cast on for the back, all of a sudden on row 2, without really thinking, virtually unconsciously, I began transferring for a single column of Battenburg to run up the back...what the?? oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say and next thing I know I have this growing motif happening on the back like it has a life of its own! After I got 3 repeats wide, I tried to get it under control and cut back but I still couldn't stop until I got to the top, reasoning that no one would really be able to tell because the hood would hide some of it anyway.
As I started the hood, still planning on making it plain, I again found myself addictively hanging onto that 7-prong tool and not just making half of a repeat to run beside the drawstring casing, but doing a full one!
I love it! After machine washing and drying which I did to the first one ( ) and all the others I've made since (this is number 7) the strings/floats tightened up very nicely and it's all good!
I'm thinking, I could use one in pale blue (ha, ha! you caught me! I did add a pale blue and a red zipper when I ordered the ivory one - my yarn has come in for the Church Cardi!

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kim corbin said...

Where can I find this instructions for this stitch. If it's hand manipulated, I'm curious to try it out.