Friday, August 24, 2018

blame it on Mike...

As I was knitting the second sleeve, it occurred to me that I’ve made this stitch pattern before. Way back in the early Knitwords issues, when I got a Passap pattern that I knew could be done on the Japanese machine, I would copy it and ‘Japanese-ify’ the pattern – I don’t know how many knitters liked this, but I learned a ton about double bed knitting for my experiments. Anyway, for issue #3, Winter 1997, Mike Becker sent me a pattern and garment that he had done on the Passap and he told me it was stockinette rib, so I called it the Oxymoron Pullover.
This is a variation of that stitch pattern – he used a 4X1 needle arrangement and for my old version, it was 5X1 rib. I’m using 3X1 now because I’m lazy and I have a 3X1 needle selector!

You guessed it, this is going to be the Oxymoron Cardi!

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