Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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Needle set-up for A-line shaped side
 I like the A-line shape, similar to Pocket Change and Lipstick and Smoke, so have gone back to that – the side seams will be decreased evenly from hemline to underarm but did not add shortrowing at the centre bottom to even out the hemline, so the hemline/side seam will dip slightly.
3-prong tool decrease to rib stitch

Decreasing in rib with an uneven needle arrangement like this – what to do:

. . . l l l . l l l . l l l . ~  l l l . l l l . l l l . l l l . . .

   . . . .  l . . . l . . . l .~  . . l . . . l . . . l . . . .

transfer rib stitch up, 6 sts on MB
When setting up the needle arrangement, add an extra needle at the right side and select from the centre so that you have the same thing at each edge. For the Back and Fronts, which will be decreased at the side seams, I had my edges with three stitches on the main bed at the ends and these remained constant throughout, meaning that the three edge stitches were moved in one space, putting the decrease on the now third needle from the edge. If there was a rib stitch within that, then, transfer it up to the main bed (knit the tuck stitch through before transferring up) and put the empty needle out of work. After getting rid of the rib stitch, there will be five stitches on the main bed. Continue decreasing with the 3-prong tool on the main bed, moving the three edge stitches in one space and only transferring the rib stitch up as it occurs within the main bed decrease. Remember to put the empty needle out of work.
For the Centre Front edge (and the armhole, after the underarm shaping, straight part up to the shoulder, seaming will look better with a 2-stitch main bed edge from the tuck rib line – hope you know what I mean – I’ll reference this later in another blogpost when I’m putting together.
By the way, these increase and decrease methods apply for both knit side and purl side fabrics
pocket opening for later
marker row for pocket opening
Pocket in rib fabric (this will be an inside patch with ribbed pocket top, added after); on row before the pocket opening, transfer rib stitches to main bed and put rib needle out of work – mark the needle numbers so the next one will be same, and you know where it should be. Knit one row – this makes a plain stockinette row on the bottom side of the pocket opening (to be picked up later). Now, manually knit a plain row of ravel cord on the needles for the width of the pocket only, aiming for the same stitch size as you have with the main yarn. Pull the ends of the ravel cord down between the beds in front of the work, out of the way. Knit a row with the pattern yarn – this makes the stockinette row on the top side of the opening. Now, transfer the stitches back down to rib bed following set needle arrangement. Finish knitting Front. Pocket will be completed later, and I’ll tell you more then!
I forgot to mention, just in case you didn’t know, I am using the yarn double stranded and that means each strand  is threaded  up into each side of the tension mast separately and they are only joined together as they feed into the arm on the carriage – that way, you don’t get loops of one strand travelling up on the other and causing trouble. Just saying…

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