Monday, April 27, 2020

that mitre...

decrease on second row
Take half the vee side from bottom of vee to top of shoulder, stretch slightly to determine number of sts. Mine was 1-54 ns and I stretched it to 60.

leave tool to hold triple stitch in place
60-0-61 ns. WY, ravel. CAL. RC000. T7, K1R.
Hang yarn mark at the centre stitch, #1 right.
T6, K1R. Decrease 1 stitch either side of centre stitch, putting all 3 on one needle.
Move all three to left so #1,2 right of 0 are empty
 and 3 sts are on #1 left. Leave transfer tool on top of them to babysit – one (or two) will jump off if you don’t ;).
Move right side over the 2 spaces – I used the garter bar. Put the 2 end needles out of work.
You now have 60-0-59. T5, K2R. Decrease 2 sts at centre, putting one either side of centre onto the centre stitch.
Move all 3 to #1 right and leave tool onto it.
Move left side in two spaces, knocking back
the two empty needles at left side 58-0-59 in work.
T5, K1R. T9, K1R (folding row RC006). T5, K1R.
Move right side out two spaces.
Move centre stitch over one space right.
Fill in the empty needles with heel stitch
from the ones away from centre. K2R.
Repeat this step, moving 2 spaces left –
you should be back at 60-0-61 ns. K2R.

Take a deep breath. Hang hem.
Leave the centre yarn mark but remove the waste yarn.
T8, K1R. Remove on garter bar.

61-0-60 ns, hang garment (you’re turning the band, remember!), placing yarn mark/vee start at 0, picking up outside cast-off row. Turn band and rehang. Pull through. Manually knit row and chain off.

Breathe a huge sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back! Sounds complicated when you say it all like that, but after the first one, piece of cake!

This is so pretty! She’s gonna love it!

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