Thursday, July 16, 2020

half cocked...

that’s me! Hot off the success of the denim tunic, I quickly moved into my next one, for friend, Vickie. She has just moved into new digs so this will be like a little house-warming thing. I say quickly because it would be the same size and yarn as the denim one, so no extra figuring or anything, just choosing a new trim for the hem and another 1RT pattern. I had in mind to use #10, Triangles of Lace, the beige one  from Knitting on the EDGE, but adding the picot knot to the cast on row instead of the double chained lines. Again, without stopping to check, thinking it was a 12-st repeat, chained on with the picot knot on every 12th needle, which I didn’t even have to mark because I have it already on my number strip! Paused to grab the orange book and what the?? Rats! It’s a 20-stitch repeat! Oh well, you know how I hate ripping out or admitting a mistake! I’ll use a 12 st-repeat – kind of obvious, right? That cute little one I used on the poussin/lemony tank will do!
I found I really dislike doing that reformed garter stitch continuously , so I'll change it into something not so labour-intersive. Here’s what I did:

Chain with picot knot, hand transferred lace scallop with tuck rib. 12 stitch repeat, side away is right side.
1.     Cast-on waste yarn, ravel cord. Mark every 12th needle, starting with #1 right. RC000. CAR. Measure out MC 6X width of ns in work, plus 8-10 inches. Double it over on itself to have 2 strands together. This will make a long-enough double strand for the chain cast-on with 3 st-knots. Bring ns to D/E. 

2.     With mid gauge latch tool, chain loosely from left to right,
      to 3 ns past 1st marked needle.
3.     Make knot: Hold loop on tool. Remove chain from last 3 ns (draw ns back to drop chain, but not ravel cord st behind) and return ns to D/E. Put loop from tool into hook of last needle(the marked stitch) with chain on and knit loop through. Take that loop off needle and put back on tool, to resume chaining.
4.   Take tool with loop to right of marked needle and strands of MC on left, chain 16X. This should be 3 ns past the next marked stitch.
5.     Repeat #2-3 to end of row.
6.     Anchor last loop on end needle. Close latches. Single strand, MT+1, knit 2 rows.
7.     Using 5-prong tool, transfer as in chart, starting with#1 right as the centre with 3 stitches together. Knit 2 rows.  RC004.
8.     Transfer as in chart to RC012 – leave the tuck rib business until this row – because the stitch drops down and is reformed on every other row, it can be done in one operation, instead of every other row!
9.     T10, knit 1 row. RC013, CAL. Take yarn out of feeder.
10.   Leaving sts in hooks, carefully bring ns out and single strand, with std gauge latch tool, chain across loosely behind work.
11.   Push ns back to WP, pulling the chain knit through the sts.
12.   MT, K1R. Continue as desired!


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Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

I really dig this hem edge. Again, nicely done!