Wednesday, May 27, 2020

still cheating...

 Yeah, I’ve been switching it up. Expanding my horizons. When was the last time I did a chained cast-on? Who knows? Who cares? Working from the green book, I’ve chosen No 15, Hand Transferred Lace Edge with chained cast-on. You know I don’t read all my own instructions, who has time for that when they think they know what they are doing? I measure out three times the width of the needles and start chaining loosely – that’s 145 needles. Get halfway across and realize I’m going to run out of yarn. Calmly unravel it. Measure out four times, chain again and run out on the 10th needle from the right side. Heavy sigh. What the hay, I’ll see if I can fudge this. Draw down a new loop, finish the chain, loop the too-short tail over the next needle and knit the row. Looks like it could work. By the way, using Yeoman’s Cannelé, a beautiful mercerised cabled cotton – no splitting stitches here – in a pretty spring yellow, colour name is ‘poussin’ – how’s that for funny!
I‘ve been meaning to tell you about my latest Netflix binge – it’s called Wanted, a series from Australia - Spoiler alert! I was thinking it was a Thelma/Louise thing, but there are three seasons and they might do another. I’m loving it – the second season takes place around Queenstown, New Zealand – I spent almost a week there in 2017
at the end of our hike and it is so spectacular. Watching the show, I kept saying, oh, I was there! During the Australia parts, I kept saying, I never got there! Anyway, Chelsea, one of the lead characters, her secret name is Brigitte Poussin! With a French accent! Is that synchronicity? or whatever you call it. Sorry, I digress.
Back to the knitting, this cone of Cannelé is really old, it’s from back when the put-up was 250g on the large cone. They changed it to a 245g cone and put it on a short, squat cone sometime in the last decade, I think. It’s virtually mandatory to have 3 full cones of one dye lot for a garment with sleeves. I only have one full cone of this colour, probably why I still have it - it actually still had the blister wrap packaging on it, and I wouldn’t really be attempting a top for me – the anxiety of running out would do me in! This one is for Lisi, another cute, petite, wee thing so am doing finished 34 bust, fingers crossed. After the hem is done, I think, hum mm, not really sure I can hide that but if it’s in the back maybe she’ll never notice…and if I make the back first, I can check that I will have enough yarn to finish before putting all the work into the front and wasting it because I didn’t have enough to finish…

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